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Serving the Village of Oak Creek with SR 179 Beautification

Physical meetings of the RRREMD Board of Directors are being suspended until further notice while everyone deals with the virus situation. The venues for meetings have been closed for safety. Until further notice, meetings of the RRREMD may be in the form of telephonic or other digital formats when needed and we’ll put out specific format information at the appropriate time/s. Your understanding and patience are appreciated while we all deal with this situation.
Dave Norton, Chair

The Red Rock Road Enhancement Maintenance District (RRREMD) is a special taxing district formed pursuant to Title 48 of the Arizona Revised Statutes to provide maintenance of the landscaping, pedestrian lighting, benches and trash receptacles and banners along AZ SR179.

Board of Directors

The District is served by a 5-member Board of elected officials:

Dave Norton – Chair
Ann Crossland – Vice Chair
Joanne Johnson
Ruth Kane
Stacy Moore

The RRREMD Board of Directors now has e-mail! Please use the e-mail address below  to send messages or comments to the RRREMD Board of Directors:

The District contracts for landscaping maintenance service with Green Earth Environmental Biomass Services provides pedestrian lighting maintenance and other miscellaneous duties. Improvement District Services Inc., provides administrative and Board services for the District.

The limits of the RRREMD project are along SR179 between milepost 305.45 and 307.08 for a distance of 1.63 miles; or from the Coconino National Forest boundary in the south (or approximately 890 feet south of Rojo Drive) to the Coconino National Forest boundary in the north (or approximately 465 feet north of East Bell Rock Boulevard).

Arrows are marking approximate RRREMD endpoints.